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A Body ReNEW Massage Spa: South Lake Ta

**Thank you to all of our clients over the past 10 years. A Body ReNEW Massage Spa has closed it's doors. Marla will have limited availability to perform massage, at your location. Please contact via email if you'd like to schedule an appointment. I apologize for the inconvenience, but same day appointments are not available. The purchase price of outstanding gift certificates may be applied towards available services.**

We recommend Biospirit Day Spa for your spa needs.


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Whether you are in South Lake Tahoe to relax in peaceful surroundings, to push yourself while playing hard in the mountains, or are lucky enough to live here, massage is just what you need to complete your day.

There are as many reasons to receive a massage as there are for spending time in Tahoe...

Blissful, peaceful enjoyment...For many people, daily life is full of stressors that accumulate without a sufficient outlet for release. The simple act of just taking time for yourself nourishes your mind. A massage or spa treatment in our tranquil spa will nourish your body. Massage actually reverses the effects of those daily stressors that we encounter. It slows the heart rate, deepens breath, and relaxes muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, bringing about a restful state.

Reduce soreness...Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, boating (or whatever your playtime activity entails) can leave you with aches and pains in places you may have forgotten about. By removing waste products from the muscular and lymphatic system, massage can alleviate the discomfort that comes after a day of hard activity. Massage can also prepare you for activity by warming the muscles and stretching tight spots. Tahoe is an amazing outdoor playground, you want to remember the fun, not the soreness.

Alleviate chronic pain...Just as people fall into day-to-day patterns and routines, our bodies also work to maintain a constant state of balance. Unfortunately, this state is not always pleasurable.  Injuries, constantly being in the same position (such as at a desk or in a car), or repeatedly performing the same movement (as when typing or using a mouse) can cause holding patterns in the body that lead to chronic pain. Muscles need constant nourishment and removal of wastes to remain strong and healthy. Holding patterns decrease circulation, hampering nourishment and waste removal.  Deep Tissue and Sports Massage techniques are wonderful for alleviating chronic pain.  Relieving chronic pain can change your outlook, increase your physical activities, and lead to an overall higher quality of life.